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 Offense Appeal For Permanent Ban

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PostSubject: Offense Appeal For Permanent Ban   Mon Aug 27, 2012 7:40 am

I was banned for hacking at one time because I used a jump hack, in front of a group people. It was definetly fair to ban me at the time but having played on the server for a long period of time with friends, I will like to send a request to end the permanent ban on the following terms:

-Having been banned once for hacking, doing it again is no longer an option to me.

-The hacking in question was only in fact done once, in a war zone and wasn't done to aid me in winning at all , in fact the other team won, so I didn't in any way benefit from it.

-Permanently banning me, means me and a group of friends don't really go on the server anymore.

-No other times have I been muted, kicked, temporary banned from the server, this was my first offense and although bad, it's affects were minimal.

-If you allow me to come back on, I will work to be far better on the server and uphold the rules.

Thank you for reading my offense appeal, I hope you will allow me another chance on the server.

IGN: callumhewer123
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Offense Appeal For Permanent Ban
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