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 Mod Information

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PostSubject: Mod Information   Wed Aug 15, 2012 11:36 am

Hi Everybody!
I'm Sancon, and i'm the Lead Mod on this server. Please continue reading this for information on how to get help from a mod and how to become a mod.


Trainee Mods

How to get Help from a Mod

Whenever you have a problem, make sure it isn't already answered at the spawn. You'll find a lot of answeres there, and if you're really stuck, we even made a tutorial island for you! However, if you have a question or a problem which only a mod can fix, then remember to do /pe create (information) at the location of the problem and a mod will get to you as soon as they can.

Good Example:
[Member]Test123: /pe create Hi, my creation in cworld was griefed. I made this petition at the creation. May you please roll it back and ban whoever did it. Thankyou.

Bad Example:
[Member]Test321: MOD
[Member]Test321: MOD
[Member]Test321: MOD
[Member]Test321: MOD
[LeadMod]Sancon: /mute Test321

How to Become a Mod

Before you embark on your quest to become a Mod, I would just like to make a few things very clear. I want you all to know what being a mod is like before you decide to try and become one because I don't want you to be unpleasantly suprised.

Being a mod is no piece of cake. It is hard. It is a very steep learning curve, people are constantly challenging you, most of the time people ask the same questions and you are very rarely thanked by the players for giving up your time to help you.

That being said, it is also one of the most rewarding jobs on the server but you have to have the right attitude or I guarentee that you won't last a week. This is why I ask ever aspiring mod to fill out an application which I have personally designed to try and see if you will be a good mod.
Please note that I mainly read through applications when I need mods, so please don't feel disheartened if you don't get a reply straight away.

In Game Name:
Age: (Don't lie, it is pretty obvious when a 10 year old pretends they are being 23.)
Timezone: (Country works just as well)
How long you have been on the server: (Do not lie! I can check these easily and if you lie, it won't help your application. If you can't remember then just put a vague time period, such as a few weeks. Please note that I don't choose mods based on how long they have been on the server - it is just a bit of information I would like to know.)
Experience: (Again, don't lie, I do actually check these and you look very stupid when you say you have been a mod when in reality you were an ordinary member. Also, I ask this question so that I need to know how much I need to teach you. If you claim you have been a mod on 5 other servers, then you make a large error, I won't be very sympathetic.)
Have you read AND do you fully understand the rules/punishments: (These are at the spawn.)
Why would you like to be a mod?: (Doesn't need to be too long, but more than a sentance would be nice.)
Any other information?: (I put this in encase you feel like you need to tell me anything extra - if there is nothing, just leave this blank please.)

Please DO NOT post your application here Very Happy


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Mod Information
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